Do you love MSX Nemesis series? If yes, this news sounds nice for you. A Japanese MSXer whose alias is Gyo-nin-sama released a new Nemesis named "Manesis '99".


"Manesis" named after "Mane" + "Nemesis". "Mane" means COPY or IMITATION. In short, it is just a Nemesis clone, but has a lot of original features. "" means ALTERNATION. Several years ago, MSX Nemesis was transplanted to X68000 which is 68000 MPU based Japanese computer with its unique architecture produced by SHARP. Its title was "Nemesis '90 ". The author seems to have followed such a naming rule.

This game is not for MSX but Windows 95/98. It requires more than 233MHz Pentium processor or higher according to the author. Thanks to Sander van Nunen of MSX.ORG, we already confirmed that you can execute it on not Japanese Windows.

The author allowed me to let you know about his product in English for a lot of MSXers in the world. I strongly recommend you to play "Menesis '99 " just now!!

How to get?

Click here, you can reach to the Gyo-nin-sama's webpage, but sorry written in Japanese only. You can see a link titled "manesis.lzh". It is the archive of the game.

About the way to run & play it, refer to the following explanation.

How to play?

After download and extraction, you can see readme.txt file. It is written in Japanese only. I translate and summarize it in English as follows.

The author: Gyo-nin-sama (Zakuro soft)
Requirement: Windows 95/98 with Direct X3 or higher, Pentium 233MHz or higher
Developed with Hot Soup Processor Ver2.4h
Current Version: 1.03

Extract manesis.lzh into a proper directory. Execute manesis.exe, and the game will be launched. I recommend to disable screen saver and etc. while your playing. This game is just like MSX Nemesis.

At the title screen, you can choose some options with cursor keys.

RAPID SHOT: Enable / disable automatic trigger.
JOY STICK: Enable / disable using joy stick device.
BGM: Enable / disable BGM during the game.

Push space key, and the game will start.

During the game, you can control your fighter as follows.

Cursor keys: Direction of your fighter.
Space bar: Trigger.
V, B, N or M : Power up.
F1: Pausing
F5: Continue the game after game over.
ESC: Quit the game and return to Windows.

How to contact with the author?

You can contribute a note about this product to the author, Gyo-nin-sama: He said he was not so good at English. It might be better that asking Ghost to relay your message if you would like to tell something important.


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