Have you played Manesis'99 yet? If not, you must do soon!! The author, Gyo-nin-sama did again!!!! His latest game is based on MSX knightmare. It is what we call clone, but quite original shootem'up. Download and play it just now!!

Aphrodite Shootem'up
Tokimeki Knightmare


This game is not for MSX but Windows 95/98. It requires more than 233MHz Pentium processor or higher according to the author.

How to get

Click here, you can reach to the Gyo-nin-sama's webpage, but written in Japanese only. You can see a link titled "knight.lzh". It is the archive of the game.

About the way to run & play it, refer to the following explanation.

Let's play

After download and extraction, you can see readme.txt file. It is written in Japanese only. I translate and summarize it in English as follows.

Title: Tokimeki Knightmare, the Aphrodite shootem'up
The author: Gyo-nin-sama (Zakuro soft)
Requirement: Windows 95/98 with Direct X3 or higher, Pentium 233MHz or higher
Developed with Hot Soup Processor Ver2.4h
Current Version: 1.00

What is this

This is a game just like KNIGHTMARE produced by Konami in 1986 for MSX1.

How to launch

Extract knight.lzh into a proper directory. Execute knight.exe, and the game will be launched. I recommend to disable screen saver and etc. while your playing.

How to play

At the title screen, you can choose some options with cursor keys.

RAPID SHOT Enable / disable automatic trigger
JOY STICK Enable / disable using joy stick device
BGM Enable / disable BGM during the game
Push space key, and the game will start

During the game, you can control your fighter as follows.

Cursor keys Controll Aphrodite (Player)
Space bar Trigger
F1 Pausing
F5 Continue the game after game is over
ESC Quit the game and return to Windows

Act Aphrodite to go to Popolon's rescue. You can see your life gauge in the right side of the screen. When you abosorb enemies' attack, it will decrease. If you lose all of the gauge, the game is over. Burst through 6 stages.

You can find hidden jewels Popolon dropped as her guidepost. Shot and get jewel, and you will bask in several special feature as follows.

Luke (skyblue) Bonus
Knight (blue) Destroy enemies in the screeen
Bishop (green) Become invisible for a while
Queen (red) Regain your life gauge a little
King (yellow) Regain your life gauge completely

You can also find hidden three treasures in each stage. Most of them are put in difficult pisition for you to get them. Gather all!!

EXP gauge increases as defeating enemies or getting jewels. The full gauge raises the level of your offensive power, and change your weapon as follows.

LEVEL 01 - 04 Arrow
LEVEL 05 - 09 Sword
LEVEL 10 - 14 Fire
LEVEL 15 & higher Crescent (just like wave laser)


Popolon the hero brought his princess Aphrodite out of evil's castle.(the episode, Knighmare I). On their way to Greek Kingdom, Popolon was taken away this time. That seemed temporization for Garious to occupy the Greek castle (the episode, the Maze of Galious, Knightmare II).

Ghost's review

This game is a bridge story between Knightmare I & II. For a long time, we have wondered why Aphrodite did not run away from Hydnous by her great power she brought out in the episode II. This game shows you the answer. In fact, she was too weak to run by herself at Knightmare I. But she became strong enough to defeat Galious with Popolon through this game; Aphrodire saved Popolon.

This game is not only good joke but also high quality shootem'up. During your playing, you can see both good old MSX taste and his quite new idea in places. This game is more exciting that the original Knightmare, I think. If you have Windows PC with enough power, you must not miss it!!

How to contact with the author?

You can contribute a note about this product to the author, Gyo-nin-sama: gyonin@alles.or.jp. He said he was not so good at English. It might be better that asking Ghost to relay your message if you would like to tell something important.


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