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PC Watch, one of the most popular computer news web in Japan, picked MSX Den-yu Land up as follows.

MSX Den-yu Land, the event dealing and showing armatures' MSX products, was held at Hirose-Musen, Akihabara on 20th August.
Mr. Kazuhiko Nishi, a vice-president of ASCII and Mr. Yoshizo Yamashita,  a general manager of ASCII media technology development section, made a speech about the future of MSX. A lot of MSXers from not only Japan but abroad joined there.

Mr. Nishi expressed the development of MSX emulator and 1 chip MSX

Mr. Nishi was welcomed in a great applause when he stood on the platform without waiting the promoter's introduction. He said at first "First of all, I show the conclusion" and started to make a speech about the future of MSX
He showed his plan; MSX official emulator on Windows, Mac and UNIX would be released in 2001, accumulating all functions of MSX on 1 chip in 2002, releasing a portable PC and  household electric appliance included 1 chip MSX in 2003. ASCII seemed to be going to tackle MSX more actively than before.
He said about MSX emulator, "The development is going forward. It will be released early next year. I will distribute it as an extra CD-ROM of PC magazines. It can let MSX software revive."
Besides, he said about 1 chip MSX, "I target 100MHz clock MSX with the newest productive technology. I can sell 1 chip MSX note PC, it will cost about 9,800yen (=98US$)."
He said about the reason why ASCII tackles MSX again, "In fact I already gave MSX up till I made a speech at last MSX Den-yu Land. But it made me think deeply about MSX for a year. Today's announcements are just the answer of it." He showed that he made a plan to revive MSX because MSXers' enthusiasm.
Mr. Kazuhiko Nishi, a vice-president of ASCII

Mr. Yamashita showed MSX emulator on multi-platform

Mr. Yoshizo Yamashita,  a general manager of ASCII media technology development section According to a charge of MSX emulator development, it can be released in this year for Windows and Sega Dreamcast. The detail of the way to distribute is still undecided but it will be free. The environment for executing it is "intent", which is developed by ASCII and Tao Systems as a new multi-platform environment.
Mr. Yamashita showed in his speech that "intent" includes "Elate, a real-time OS", "intent Java technology edition, a Java environment", "Multimedia Toolkit, libraries for graphics and sounds" and "Tumbler, public secure code system."
Accentually, Elate is working on a host OS such as Windows or Linux.. It is similar to  virtual machine such as Java. Elate has "Virtual Processor architecture", all applications for Elate is working after translation to VP code for each platform. VP architecture seems to realize the almost same performance as the native code of real CPU.
You may suspect it is FAKE or DREAM. But Tao Systems has a high techniques. Elate OS is written in not C but almost assembler. Mr. Yamashita said, "At first I could not believe that OS written in assembler is smaller than in C. But it was truth and fast." We could see the demonstration of "intent" on Windows. It looked very light and fast. 


One -to brightening seasons-

Transplantation from Windows game. It is nearly completed but not yet. It is also undecided whether it will be on sale or not. If it is, it will cost 5,000yen (=50US$) and about 50 floppies.

PSG, SCC and MegaROM cartridge with Programmable Logic Device by Ese-Artists Factory

They intend to restore all of MSX devices by PLD.

H8, external CPU for MSX

H8 is CPU produced by Hitachi. This cartridge can be used as fast serial interface, MIDI interface and PCM sampling machine.

10baseT network interface


LPE-Z380, external CPU from Spain

I will report you more detail as soon as I get it. Wait a bit!!!

This article is written by Ghost based on the others' Japanese ones. Please do not forget that I am just a informer. I'm not quite related to the promotion of the event. Of course, I can ask the promoter to solve any your questions and feed you back here if you hope.

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